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Planning Ahead

Funerals, Columbarium, Legacy

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October 31, 2021

When it come time to prepare for your own or a loved one's death.  The church encourages everyone to thoughtful reflect on the elements for Christian Burial.  

Below is a document that can help you or your loved one choose how to celebrate a life.  


October 31, 2021

Columbarium, the word, comes from a place where doves dwell.  At St. George's, we are blessed to have an outside altar and space to place the ashes of loved ones to dwell with us forever.

Below are documents that you or your loved one can look at, to decide if you would like to dwell with us.

Purchasing a Plot & By-Laws



October 31, 2021

The Church will not accept appointment as a Trustee but will accept designation as a beneficiary on the following after review by the Vestry:
(1) Bequests
(2) Gifts of life insurance or personal annuity
(3) Charitable remainder trust
(4) Charitable gift annuities 

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